Free Trail Gear – Tip #1

We all have thing laying around the house we can use on a hike. Some of it is ultra-lite and very sturdy, too.

How would you like me to save you some money and help you recycle? Here we go…

BagThis is your average bag that oranges come in. You can get these in any grocery store. My oranges happen to be organic but that’s another post for another time.

This bag is pretty rugged. Try to tear it with your hands…you can’t. You’ll probably need to go get a band-aid now…oops. These bags do not even rip easily. They’re not indestructible, but close.

Not only is it a perfect, free resource but you are actually recycling and keeping something out of a landfill that will sit there forever and not break down quickly like organic materials! This bag is perfect for several uses in your backpack.

  1. It can hold clean or dirty clothes. If the clothes are wet, the bag can be hung on your pack or a tree limb to allow the clothes to air-dry.
  2. This bag is perfect for your camp shoes.
  3. This bag is perfect to hold your cooking stove or cooking setup.
  4. You could put food in a creek to keep it cool in this bag.
  5. If you’re fishing, it’s the perfect way to keep your freshly caught fish in the water and alive.

Of course, that’s just a selection of ideas off the top of my head. What other ways can this be used? Leave your ideas below in the comments section.

Now, get off your dang computer, recycle your crap, and get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.


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