Eat This! Light and Healthy Foods For The Trail

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Phoneson theTrail_Face it…people eat crap when they hike. Every video I’ve watched talks about candy bars and fast food and some of the old-timers carry Spam and Vienna sausages in cans.

I get it. It’s hard to eat good when you’re on the run…or hike. Finding healthy food at re-supplies or carrying large amounts of food is not easy. My argument is that if you can afford that custom $500+ tent, you can spend a little cash to buy some decent, non-crap food. Heck, have someone buy it for you (Mom) and ship it to you.

Here are some of my suggestions utilizing healthy and light foods that you can find on Amazon or most  decent grocery stores. Decent is the key word. You may need to browse around online to find some good deals, too.

  1. Vegan bars – I like Lara bars ($1.00 everywhere)
  2. Dried fruits, seeds, and berries
  3. Organic oatmeal  and grits packets
  4. Organic honey packets, coconut oil packets, olive oil packets
  5. Hot sauce!
  6. Good To Go freeze dried meals
  7. Mary Jane’s Farm meals
  8. Nuts
  9. Packets of soup
  10. Tuna, salmon, and chicken packets
  11. Instant coffee and tea packets
  12. Packets of different types of peanut butter/almond butter
  13. Organic tortillas
  14. Fruit strips
  15. Protein powder packets
  16. Cheese (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated)
  17. Summer sausage/jerky or other dried meats
  18. Instant noodles and instant rice or couscous
  19. Dried veggies
  20. Hummus!

These all make for healthy snacks and meals. They also keep your cooking to a minimum of often just boiling water quickly. Some people actually boil water in the morning for coffee and make their soups in insulated mugs which stay hot for hours as you walk. That can give you an instant hot lunch!

Whatever you do, eat as best as you can and take care of your body…inside and out.

Don’t make me come over there and force-feed you some kelp lasagna!

Now get off your dang computer and go outside!





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